Effectiveness of LuminorDCB vs. POBA in the SFA:24-month safety and efficacy outcomes

Paris, May 21st, 2019 – EFFPAC RCT 24-month outstanding results with Luminor DCB have been revealed at EuroPCR 2019.

The 24-month results from the full clinical cohort of the EFFPAC randomized controlled trial (RCT), were presented for the first time at EuroPCR 2019 on May 21st.

Main objective was to assess the effectiveness of Luminor drug coated balloon (DCB) vs. Uncoated balloon catheter (POBA), in the superficial femoral and popliteal arteries. The EFFPAC RCT 24-month outcomes are all demonstrating high statistical significance versus POBA, therefore confirming and even maintaining, the already excellent 12-month outcomes:

![](/uploads/2019/09/23/effpac 24month p1.jpg)

![](/uploads/2019/09/23/effpac 24month p2.jpg)

To view the complete presentation from Prof. Teichgräber about EFFPAC trial at EuroPCR 2019

Official article @ iVascular.global:

Interview from Vascular News with Prof. Teichgräber @EuroPCR 2019: